Steel Railing Kit

3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel

3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel

3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel    3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel
3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel. Black fence requires no welding or painting required (powder-coated black). Fence in a box with snap-together assembly for easy DIY or on-site setup. Zero maintenance and rackable on uneven terrain. Easily transported, compact box allows for an easy load for going directly to a jobsite. Ideal for garden and security fencing. 6.5'W x 5'H 3-rail steel fence panel.

Two thru rails-top and middle rails. One closed rail- bottom rail.

One 6.5'H post (for soil or concrete use). Make fencing easy with the Aspen Style 3-Rail Steel Fence Kit, Powder-Coated Black (6.5'W x 5'H).

Outdoor fencing is fantastic for yards, creating safe borders, protecting property, encasing gardens or just enhancing privacy, but it's often a hassle to install. This rugged metal fence is crafted for superior performance and long life, as well as easy do-it-yourself assembly, at home or onsite. Is This Versatile Metal Fence Good for Personal and Professional Use? With its simple, durable build and tall height, this black fence is fantastic for use in almost any setting. Its open-slat design makes it ideal for use as a garden border fence.

Its steel construction and height make it just as suitable for security fencing. The yard fencing is easily rackable on concrete and uneven terrain, for effortless use in just about any setting. Get Security and Convenience with the Aspen Style 3-Rail Steel Fence Kit. Durability is vital for effective fencing. This set features metal garden fencing crafted with pre-galvanized steel and a powder-coated black finish for lasting strength and weather-resistance.

Two top and middle rails enhance durability. Pressed tops and flat bottoms give the garden border fence a clean look. Generously-sized 6.5'W x 5'H three-rail steel fence panels topped with pickets keep homes, gardens and businesses protected against prowlers, ideal for use as security fencing. SecureSnap technology empowers fast and easy setup, at home or onsite. What's Included in the Fence Kit? The Aspen Style 3-rail steel fence kit includes a black fence panel, two top and middle rails, one closed bottom rail, one flange with cover, 16 pickets, six flat mount brackets, Tek screws and one 6.5-foot post for easy use in concrete or soil. The kit can be easily expanded with additional matching house fence panels and posts to accommodate most yard fencing needs. 5'H x 6.5'W - Actual 58"H x 76"W (assembled). Boxes came in pretty beat up, majority of the post and spindles all had small scratches on them, like tey had been dragged before packaging. Plastic pieces to cover the post if they were mounted on concrete, nearly half were broke when boxes were opened.

Have not install yet but it looks like good quality fence. Didn't like The product. I actually bought and installed about 12 panels and a gate across the top of a brick retaining wall to separate my backyard pool from my driveway. I drilled holes in the brick using a core drill and set the posts in mortar. It worked really well and looks great even a year later.

Aspen Style 3-Rail Steel Fence Kit. Easy to install, good price and looks great. We have had many compliments. There were lots of broken pieces, fortunately most of the broken pieces were not needed because we were not installing on concrete. Lots of the pieces were scratched and had to be repainted.

3 days later no response... You know I might be trying to steal hinges and end caps... I sent them a screen shot of the invoice... 3 days later they wanted a pdf of the invoice...

I would advice not dealing with the company... The finished product does look good...

Thus the 3 starts and not 1. Awesome fence and gate panels! My son and I used a gas powered auger to dig the holes and used quikcrete per hole. 30 holes was the hardest. The building of the fence panels is very easy with a impact driver. 98 panels and 7 gates later.. We could not be more pleased with our Excel fence. My husband installed the whole thing by hand, using a pick to dig all of the post hole in shale and clay soil for a total of 600 linear feet.

His only power tool was a cordless drill. This was a labor of love spawned by the gift of a lab puppy. The joy of having the dogs free and safely contained cannot be described in words. I never realized that a fence could completely transform our home, but this one has.

From a distance, the fence is invisible. Up close, it is stylish and classy.

All of fence components were percisely consistent, and not one single missing screw, or picket in the lot. A tensioner is recommended for the gates, which is not included in the gate kit. It can be ordered from Excel, or you can make your own from parts from the hardware store.

We could not have afforded a commericial install of such a fence, and are so happy that this product was available. Many other reviews described difficult installation, particularly of pickets.

I found this to be easy. Hardest part for me was post hole digging. You get what you pay for..

The tech screws strip the post extremely easily. I bought 4 box of fence.

Extra poles and 2 gate kits. Missing fence to post mount brackets. Yet had extra concrete mount brackets.

I should of counted all the pieces first. I didn't descover the shortage tol the last 2 panels needed installed.

So i cant take them back since the post are in the ground. Great fence at a good price. I bought 2 panels of this fencing and it's Awsome. Not easy, but worth it. We liked that this fence is 5' high, and that it's steel instead of aluminum, like many that we considered.

Every box was complete, with no missing parts. A few pieces had small dings where the coating had chipped off, but I'm talking minuscule spots.

They were easily covered with a quick blast of glossy black Rustoleum, like another reviewer mentioned. I can't say the fencing was easy to install (let's face it, 32 post holes, 32 posts to level up and cement into place, in blazing hot Arkansas summer) but it was doable. My 69-year old husband took about 10 10-hour days to put up the fence and two gates, each made from a panel and gate kit. Did I already mention blazing hot Arkansas summer?

At times, the instructions seemed inadequate, and watching that video of the blond in a crop top installing it by herself wasn't all that helpful. Imagine wacky face emoji here. When we really got stymied on the gate, I emailed the company and they promptly sent me a diagram that helped out.

Installation of the fence is labor-intensive, so don't expect it to be easy, but the final product is beautiful and sturdy, and our neighbors are impressed! Beauty, Security and Quality at Affordable Price.

I rate this fence 5 stars - I had no problems with the fence at all. The quality control on the manufacturing is excellent. This is a detailed, long, review explaining how I installed my fence. I did this without help, so some of the techniques are specific to that. The fence used 42 panels and 4 gates on a steep incline on 2 sides.

I decided to rake the fence rather than use the stair-step approach on the inclines. When you use the rake method, all holes should be dug at the same depth. I attached the fence to my house on 2 ends by screwing the brackets into appropriate mounting spots on the house.

I decided to build this fence one hole at a time rather than drill the holes first. I have built fences before by pre drilling holes then had to go back and widen them manually anyway - a professional probably would not have that problem. I used a clamshell post hole digger with a 20 pound steel bar digger and sometimes a heavy pick. My ground is solid shale in many places and rock-hard clay in the rest. Posts:I strung the lines along the 3 runs of fence line.

I laid a rail down on the ground along the line, flush against the house and dug my first hole 16 to 17 inches deep with the center one inch past the the end of that rail. I wanted my bottom raill to be almost 4 inches off the ground so I needed to dig the hole a little less than 18 inches. I put a post in the hole FLUSH against that rail along the line. I then put a few shovels full of quickrete in the hole to hold the post. I manipulated the post until it was perfectly level vertically, flush against the rail and along the line using a six-foot level. I then added water and mixed it in the hole using a rebar. Then I added the rest of the quickrete and more water and mixed it. The post will stand on its own at this point.

I then put another rail down along the line flush against this post, dug another hole and set the next post. I did this for as many posts as I felt like digging that day. I let those posts dry overnight and the next day I installed the rails and pickets on those posts and then set another group of posts.

You can use the quick drying cement but it costs twice as much as the yellow-bagged quickrete. Rails:To install the rails I put two 2x4s on edge close to each post on the ground and installed one bracket, put the rail in that bracket, put the bracket on the other end of the rail, rested the rail on the 2x4s and screwed it in. I always installed the bottom rails first.

Next, I put a 6 foot board vertically on the bottom rail with marks on it for the exact positions for the top rails (you could use a tape measure but a spacer like this is quicker). I marked on the posts where the brackets should be screwed in.

You can install a bunch of botom rails then mark a bunch of top rails for efficiency. I installed the middle rail first so that I could rest the top rail on it when installing it. I screwed the tek screws in with brute force rather than drilling a pilot hole first. This is tough to do on the bottom brackets, but faster overallPickets:Once the rails are installed, it is time for picket's charge. I never had a single problem putting the pickets in. Rock the picket back and forth while applying downward pressure and it will go through the top rail grommet. Keep pressing to get it through the next grommet. DO NOT accidentally go past the bottom rail - line it up carefully on the bottom grommet and press it in until you feel it hit bottom. I put one at each end of the rail then filled in the rest. Gloves work well for doing this. Cutting:I had to cut a few panels to length when the last panel on a run was less than 6.5 feet. I used a circular saw with a diamond blade. Gates:For the gates, I assembled the frame first on sawhorses then stood it up and put the pickets in.

I also put the hinges on while building the frame. I held the hinge open with a clamp to get the screws in on the inside part of the hinge.

Holding the hinge open with the clamp, however, seemed to do something to the spring-back in the hinge that I never figured out. So my gates don't spring back. I tried adjusting this according to their directions but could not get it to work. It only costs about 6 dollars, it works perfectly, and the directions are accurate.

Installing on pad:Installing on a pad rather than digging a hole results in a panel that sways easily. I would not do this if you have a choice. I tried it and it works fine - it just is not nearly as strong. Mistakes:The only real mistakes I made were not getting some of the posts at the correct depth, mainly because of my soil problems causing me to not dig a hole that extra inch deep.

Thus, the tops of the pickets on a few panels vary slightly in distance from the top of the posts. However, if there is one that is far out of line, it is easy to cut off the top of the post. Just put up 20 of these, including a fence door. It was pretty easy to install. Was surprised the holes where you slide the pickets into the rails was plastic, and several of these broke during installation. I contacted Xcel, and they would send replacement plastic pieces, but that was over a month ago, so I guess they changed their mind.

My main concern are these plastic pieces, and how long they will survive the Colorado sun, and they start breaking, and the pickets start flopping around. The paint also scratches really easy, but Rust-oleum black gloss is almost a perfect match. It does look nice once it is up. But the only way to really give a review is see how it looks after 5 years, or 10 years. I plan on keeping a good eye out for rust, and hope it last 20 years.

Every thing is in the box for completion. This is a very nice looking fence system. Easy do it yourself with a little help if you want it. All steel fence at low price.

We bought this about a month ago and it looks great! I have never put a fence up before but once you finish the first one it's much easier after that. We used quick cement for the post into the ground.

The last one we had to cut down to fit. Very easy and it fits like a glove. We bought an extra fence in case parts were missing like other reviews. Sure enough one of the boxes were missing the main support bar and tek screws.

Still a great fence and looks awesome. Look at the video instead of the instructions in the box. Great but not made or assembled in the US. The short version is the fence looks fantastic! It was also about the same price as black chain link fence and it was ridiculously easy compared to chain link.

I agree with the other commenter that driving the pickets in was the hardest part. The boxes opened up just from the stress of the movement of the contents during transport. I made a'cheat stick' that saved me. I cut a 2' round PVC pipe to 6.5' then I put tape on the pipe to mark the depth, and locations of the cross bars. This made the project much simpler! I didn't have to use a tape measure for every post. The fence says galvanized but it's not. I'm concerned about the unpainted areas in the crossbars and inside the pickets. If available, I need a few deeper/wider crossrail brackets. I made my corners on curve and they're not as tight/secure as I'd like them to be. I may have to have a welder come by and tack weld the corners. I have a 30 pounds of base brackets and concrete anchors that I'll have to somehow find a use for! I made a "cheat stick" that saved me. I cut a 2 round PVC pipe to 6.5' then I put tape on the pipe to mark the depth, and locations of the cross bars. After pricing fencing for about a month, This was the best deal.

I bought 42 panels and 2 gates (to make 1 x 7' opening) I later found out that the Company makes Gate kits, (to make gates out of the panels), so you could have a 13' opening. Installed 4 to 5 sections a day. Several of the plastic retaining clips broke and a couple of box's had missing parts. Called the Company and they immediately sent me replacements at no cost. Sliding in the slats was the most difficult part.

I ended up greasing the plastic clips and bending the bottom of the spears so they had a slight taper, this helped considerably. I have had several neighbors stop by to tell me how beautiful the fence looks. It is sturdy and elegant and classy. (in curb appeal) I put the bottom rail right on the ground, because I want to keep the dogs in and coyotes out.

When I began this adventure figured it would be easy. The holes are not pre drilled spite directions telling you exact measurements. So if you don't get the holes lined up the post are very hard to line up. Sliding the rails into place is not simple like they make it out to be either. Not worth the headache for the price.

Worst experience of my life. This has been the worst experience of my life -- both product-wise and customer service-wise. Trust me, do NOT go down this rabbit hole. I ended up boxing all the product back up and returning it to Sam's. I can't imagine Sam's can resell any of it. I have a feeling this company won't be around for long with their miserable designs and horrible customer service. Don't say you haven't been warned. Looks Great but Be Careful. Just finished installed 13 panels of this fence on a concrete seawall and it looks great. But there are several things that need to be said about the product. If it is not obvious, all posts have to be shortened from 6-1/2' to 5' in order to install on concrete. You must have a good way of cutting the steel posts and I have a neighbor who kindly let me borrow his metal cutoff saw which saved a lot of time and accuracy. Note that 6-1/2' posts do not include the cap and do not include the floor flange or flange bolts. I cut the posts to 62' and not not 60' as recommended in order to have space to blow leaves under. The 2' by design is just not enough. I still have to find a source for caps to adequately match the ones provided with the panel kits. Now some of the tough stuff.

The recommended 78-1/2' in my opinion is a bit long making it difficult to properly mount the cross rails. I used 78-3/16' and it worked great. The sleeve anchors provided in the kit are METRIC. If you make a mistake (like I did) and need more, good luck.

The size of the bolts is 8-1.25 x 50mm for your info. For the masonry bit, I used 7/16' and it worked good - info not provided in the instructions. BIG BOX HARDWARE do not carry this size.

I had to order online after much searching. This is size is available but you have to dig for it. I did discover that standard 1/2' sleeve anchors from BIG BOX HARDWARE work even better and the holes in the floor flanges work great with 1/2' I do recommend that you use the 1/2' x 2-1/4' to 3' (I used 2-3/4') sleeve anchors for end posts and corner posts - much stronger. There are 18 TEKS screws provided which is exactly enough if the posts are buried in concrete.

But, 20-21 TEKS screws are required to mount the posts onto concrete using floor flanges. The extra screws are for attaching the posts to the flanges and is shown on the instructions.

Again, BIG BOX HARDWARE has #12 x 1' TEKS screws that I like much better but they are not black. They work better for post to flange connection. I recommend that you predrill all the holes for the TEKS screws - makes the job much easier. I used 1/8' bit although a little larger would be okay. I also created a'story pole' to make installation of the brackets onto the posts easier and quicker.

Note that you will have to be creative to install the TEKS screws on the underneath of the bottom rail. I installed the top screw in each bracket of the bottom rail, inserted the rail, rotated the rail so that I could predrill and install the TEKS screw, rotated back into place and installed the second bracket screw.

I also did this for the mid rail so that I could get to the bottom of the top rail. So, it would be much easier to do again but this is it for me. Just realize that the instructions leave something to be desired and you will have to make a trip to LOWES for more TEKS screws and sleeve anchors. Hope this info helps and I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

I cut the posts to 62" and not not 60" as recommended in order to have space to blow leaves under. The 2 by design is just not enough. The recommended 78-1/2 in my opinion is a bit long making it difficult to properly mount the cross rails. I used 78-3/16 and it worked great. For the masonry bit, I used 7/16 and it worked good - info not provided in the instructions. I did discover that standard 1/2" sleeve anchors from BIG BOX HARDWARE work even better and the holes in the floor flanges work great with 1/2" I do recommend that you use the 1/2" x 2-1/4" to 3" (I used 2-3/4") sleeve anchors for end posts and corner posts - much stronger.

Again, BIG BOX HARDWARE has #12 x 1 TEKS screws that I like much better but they are not black. I used 1/8 bit although a little larger would be okay. I also created a "story pole" to make installation of the brackets onto the posts easier and quicker.

I lost two panels due to snapping the wrong rail into position putting bottom on first oops! And pushing top rail above the second rail and locking second rail in place. The top rail gets locked into place and second rail floats to your preference. Stripping the screws was irritating and a slightly heavier screw would be better. I found no missing parts in 20 plus boxes. I love the fence and it looks great. Affordable without Sacrificing on Quality.

If you want to avoid having to pay professional labor to get your fence up, then this is the way to go. This is so convenient, as I hate to have to wait for a staff member to help me haul assembled panels and then having to rent a U-haul truck to take it home. Everything came in a single box and all the things I needed were right there inside the box.

Watching the video online and at the store really helped as it gave me a good idea on what I was getting into. Also, it is smart to include only 1 Post, since every fence job requires multiple fence sections. If these boxes came with 2 Posts, then you will end up having a lot of additional Posts that are not used. So I don't know why the person said WARNING: Only comes with 1 Post. You can always end the fence with a Gate, which comes with 2 Posts.

This involves cutting the 6.5 ft post to 5 feet and then screwing the post onto the 5 ft post. This is not a good idea as there is movement after attaching. Sams should have gotten the 5 ft posts that are available with base already attached. There is no movement from these as I have bought some extra to see how they work.

They don't give good instructions at all. They dont give bit size for hammer drill. I used 3/8 and bolts wont go in. I bought a very slightly bigger bit and that works.

Sams should have tried to get a concrete kit with the 5 ft posts. I adjusted there measurements slightly to get things to fit.

Like I said before instructions are bad. If putting in ground these kits would work better.

Great value but Missing parts. I would give this product 5 stars if the folks who packaged the boxes could count. The gates were perfect, however 2 of the 3 fence panel boxes were missing parts. One box was missing the top rail and the other was missing a post. I called the number and asked for a missing top rail and it was sent to me but took a week.

We will see how it holds up to Pennsylvania winters, but for the price the fence is a great value. Unacceptable to have multiple boxes with missing parts though. Took 2 full days but the fence is installed. The assembly was easy and fence is very heavy duty.

I was a hesitant reading the first review but after installing realized that the review was bogus. I wouldn't be surprised if the review came from a competitor. I installed in grass lawn. I rented a post digger to save me from having to hand dig so many holes. You will need about a bag of concrete for each post.

I had no problem with the included screws or instructions. You will need a 5 / 16ths nutdriver bit and an impact drill and a helper. I installed 21 panels in less than 3 days and it is very durable and looks amazing.

Made of steel and way better than the Aluminum fences at the hardware stores. WARNING: Package Only comes with One Post! Not that big of deal, but in order to complete the fence, you MUST order a post online from Dams in order to complete your project.

OK if you are willing to modify as you go along. The fence is OK, they thought of almost everything but only engineered to 90% solution to the things they thought of. The plans/instructions are a joke.

Again about 90% of the information needed is there, but that information is spread across 8 pages of folded madness. The fence is more or less held up with sheet metal screws that again only 90% of them work, the other 10% strip or do not come with threads at all.

The washers on the black spray painted screws come in a variety of colors only 10% of which are black. The 40 metal gate is held to its post with 12 sheet metal screws. To say this needed some modification to work is an understatement. I should have inserted ripped to fit lumber into the hollow post but thought of it too late.

The hollow post are 12 gage metal but this is not enough surface for gates or the weight of the picket railings. We'll see if I need end up filling the hollow post with concrete to keep the sheet metal screws from stripping out. The item "3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel" is in sale since Sunday, April 19, 2020. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Garden Fencing\Fence Panels".

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3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel    3-Rail Steel Fence Kit Powder-Coated 6.5 Ft Wide 5 Ft High Yard Fencing Panel